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Let me personally turn your house into a home

Sheila Gray Design & Co

Let me personally turn your house into a home

"A house is made with wood and beams, a home is made with love and dreams" - Ralph Waldo Emerson


"A house is made with wood and beams, a home is made with love and dreams" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Some images shown are not my own and I do not own rights to them. Some of these photos have been pinned from Pinterest ideas and are only images used for inspirational ideas.

About me

A little bit about me


I would like to let everyone in on who I am and what inspires me!   I have always had a passion for interior design and interior decorating.   For me, it started out by going to endless Home Interior home decorating parties with my Mom.  My trips to Walmart with my Mom included me in the craft and fabric department, plotting, planning and designing items in my head.  I was one happy little girl when I had a "craft project" to do or something to decorate!  There are and were so many great products and designs, however many times for me, they were not the color, or size I really wanted to I would either "alter" things I bought or just simply make what I wanted myself.  Over the years I have mastered, with the help of my grandpa at a young age, most wood tools of the trade as well as a few other trades.  My Grandpa was a handyman and I admired him so much!  HE was exactly what I dreamed of a what a husband should be as I was growing up.  I spent numerous hours following him around and learning everything I could, including doing some electrical work.   I love and miss him every single day!  Thank you Grandpa for all your inspiration and love you gave me!  You helped make my dreams come true and I hope you know that!

Skipping forward to my life today, I am a proud Mother of 3 (almost grown) amazing children.  My oldest daughter is married and has an amazing & thriving photography business in Clarksville, TN ( She has been featured in numerous magazines and travels throughout the US to capture those memories of special days for her clients .  My middle child (son) is a traveling certified welder and is currently working in the state of Washington.  My youngest daughter is a freshman in high school who's amazing talent is volleyball and learning to drive (can't leave that out!).  To say I am a blessed Mom with a blessed life... is an understatement!  I cannot forget my amazing and supportive husband who has always encouraged me and pushed me to follow my dreams and reach for the stars!  He has always worked very hard for us and is always so supportive of us all and all of our dreams.  We love you to the moon and back Jeremy!  

Nothing is more rewarding than being able to design and decorate my clients visions for their home.   I strive to make those dreams & visions come to life in the exact way my clients have envisioned them.  

My Favorite Past Time


I would have to say that shopping is my favorite past time!  I'm always on the lookout (or hunt) for amazing finds and new inspirational ideas!  If you can dream it, I can do it or find it!  

Fun Facts


When I was only 18 yrs old, I sold "Home Interiors".  Anyone even remember them?  I started attending these "home parties" with my mom at age 4 and was hooked from the words "What would you like to decorate today?"  I still get chills thinking about the excitement I had in my whole body knowing we was going to attend one of those sales parties.  Those were the days!!

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